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@LitaStarr (Ashanka Kumari) tweeted:

Excited to wear this at #4C19 today. #dressprofesh #wpalistservfeministrevolution https://t.co/OWeAtgVHvo

@antoniowrites (Dr. Macaroni Toni) tweeted:

“My white colleagues, how did it feel to be talked about and not talked to?” Audience member: “Like shit.” Me: as you should. #4c19

@kstedman (Kyle D. Stedman) tweeted:

"Is it possible to teach English so that people stop killing each other?" "Is it possible to teach English so that… https://t.co/c1XhsIkUbT

@rorhetorician (Ruth O) tweeted:

I love how @AsaoBInoue used “language” as a verb. “How we language our world into existence.” Emphasizes that langu… https://t.co/nPzXHjy3Lv

@voleuseCK (Patti Poblete) tweeted:

Imagine an assessment process where we ask students what they need--do I understand you enough? Am I making you suf… https://t.co/QLZLiTNR7N

@JasonCKTham (Jason Tham ) tweeted:

Change the structures! Cut the steel bars! Alter the ecology! Preach!!@AsaoBInoue #4c19


Our decisions to NOT build more radical, antiracist, and anti-White language supremacist assessment ecologies in ou… https://t.co/oW3b3a9pmp

@SarahKugler12 (Sarah Kugler) tweeted:

#4C19 Chair’s Address: “Food is not a metaphor for language in my parable; it is a metaphor for power.”… https://t.co/EQMaNuKNWj

@amglotfelter (Angela Glotfelter) tweeted:

If you want to hear some awesome ladies talk about cool stuff like algorithms, platforms, content strategy, and cir… https://t.co/KqiPYSeeUe

@ohiostatepress (Ohio State Universit) tweeted:

Today we're at CCCC 2019. Drop by our booth in the exhibit hall to browse some of our new titles in rhetoric! #4C19… https://t.co/mYjPRMGLMI

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