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@NathanAGray (Nathan Gray) tweeted:

Who packs thirty pounds of books and more than 500 crayons for a trip to a medical conference in Orlando? ... a… https://t.co/6YGStzzcWZ

@ctsinclair (Christian Sinclair, ) tweeted:

Photo Tweetup for all you Twitter people at #hpm19 is on Friday after the plenary session ends at 10am. Around 1010… https://t.co/YKH9TQ4qEp

@arifkamalmd (Arif Kamal MD, MBA) tweeted:

The state of palliative care science is.....strong!!! Nearly 1,100 abstracts submitted to the Annual Assembly this year. #hpm19 @AAHPM

@ctsinclair (Christian Sinclair, ) tweeted:

Helpful Hashtags for #Hospice & #Palliative Med/Care Updated for #hpm19 Do you know what these all mean? #hpm19… https://t.co/Z96lhFQp

@KatherineAst1 (Katherine Ast) tweeted:

Quoted by @arifkamalmd - @stevepantilat says, “If you want advice, ask for money; if you want money, ask for advice… https://t.co/hVs3p6OWwV

@ssmithaahpm (Steve Smith) tweeted:

Morning prep meeting with @AAHPM presidents @questmd and @WolfePPC still wearing their shades (available at AAHPM… https://t.co/snUgIULPDw

@IraByock (Ira Byock) tweeted:

AAHPM members are signing an application to create a Safe Use of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies special interest gr… https://t.co/ELFa27BLby

@Curseen (Kimberly Curseen) tweeted:

The amazing inspirational Dr Quest our palliative care hero and pioneer. We are so proud to have you as a leader an… https://t.co/K8MsqU7AFn

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

“The dying are our teachers. I was taught that the room of a dying patient is a sacred place, a place you must ente… https://t.co/DHl9nSlooW

@ChadDKollas (Chad Kollas) tweeted:

Dr. Shantanu Agrawal from NQF is explaining the role of Measure Sets and Systems at #hpm19. He thinks of “individu… https://t.co/FhN1OeR1sv

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