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Trend time: Thu Mar 14, 2019
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@KWilsonWA8 (Kerry Wilson) tweeted:

Great article on #parkrunPractice, the @parkrunUK social prescribing scheme involving 700+ GP practices… https://t.co/tYBJCxyi7g

@MedwayAsthma (MASH) tweeted:

Tomorrow is Social Prescribing Day. Come and see the MASH team at The Pentagon Centre in Chatham, along with lots o… https://t.co/HCC3iMFpVz

@SalfordVRangers (Salford Volunteer Ra) tweeted:

@SalfordVRangers GROUNDS MAINTENANCE G r e e n E x e r c i s e https://t.co/7n3Gm6xB71 #SocialPrescribingDay https://t.co/OQJFCBohOU

@RedCrossNorth (Red Cross North) tweeted:

Happy #SocialPrescribingDay Through our partnership with @coopuk we helped these men in the #NorthEast overcome lon… https://t.co/tMKnQ728VY

@ourNHCP (Northamptonshire Hea) tweeted:

Today is International #SocialPrescribingDay. Social prescribing is a way of improving people’s health and wellbein… https://t.co/JEgFh53MCC

@DementiaUK (Dementia UK) tweeted:

This #SocialPrescribingDay, read our Director of Clinical Services @PaulDemUK's thoughts on the likely impact of so… https://t.co/fdc5tkBQ4e

@SoIS_BbBC (SoIS) tweeted:

What are the opportunities and challenges of the investment in #socialprescribing for the profession of link worker… https://t.co/EGHlQcA44R

@Christy_Melam (Christiana Melam ) tweeted:

Significant investment needed for #socialprescribing must not under cook what is needed #SocialPrescribingDay… https://t.co/zSzNXKV5BZ

@tracey_crouch (Tracey Crouch) tweeted:

Happy #SocialPrescribingDay. While not a silver bullet, am a huge believer that the social prescribing of physical… https://t.co/58e74rSWeX

@purmj (Mark Purvis) tweeted:

The power of inclusion sports to change the world. https://t.co/TrtMjdfHWx #SocialPrescribingDay

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