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Trend time: Thu Mar 14, 2019
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@sanjaysoodsmith (Sanjay Sood-Smith) tweeted:

I stand shoulder to shoulder with the trans community. No community should be expected to withstand the personal an… https://t.co/vzZJDf1cVo

@ryanjjvance (Ryan Vance) tweeted:

Anti-trans attacks in the media have largely been focused on dividing queer women, so it was cheering to see the… https://t.co/nEwvvgqGuF

@Miss_Leeze (Leeze ) tweeted:

Stonewall statement on #GwiththeT https://t.co/asbcH76jCw

@PenniGillen (penni gillen) tweeted:

Am loving the #GWithTheT hashtag folks! Thank you for standing with the trans community on this. Thank you for re… https://t.co/wUyqui3STX

@AnthonyWatson (Anthony Watson) tweeted:

I know one ‘Ally’ for sure (@glinner) who won’t sign up to #AWithTheT who is being remarkably quiet about my… https://t.co/TNNJ3GImRX

@NickMDuffy (Nick M Duffy) tweeted:

Great to see so many gay public figures speaking out for trans rights today. https://t.co/cew2RXnD5d #GWithTheT https://t.co/qUT0e3I4t3

@AdrianHarrop (Adrian Harrop) tweeted:

@OwenJones84 @Charliecondou @MattCainWriter @RiyadhK @matthewhorwood @stonewalluk It’s an honour to be a co-signato… https://t.co/3FyaohEXUd

@StonewallCymru (Stonewall Cymru) tweeted:

Brilliant to see so many people showing their support for trans people today! Standing side by side, together we c… https://t.co/4NqJqQumTb

@LaytonWilliams (Layton Williams) tweeted:

@rdunbar83 (Richard Dunbar) tweeted:

I’m proud to stand in solidarity with the Trans Community&support the #GwiththeT campaign The abuse the trans comm… https://t.co/ItAce7

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