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@EmileDalkey (Emile Dalkey) tweeted:

Hard Day's Night Moves #Put2SongsTogether

@tenpenny_lisa (lisa lynn spears) tweeted:

#Put2SongsTogether Lady, Come Get To This..

@xepshunal (r j) tweeted:

We Didn’t Set Fire To The Rain #Put2SongsTogether

@JessandJensmom (Sandy Chennault) tweeted:

#Put2SongsTogether Pleasant valley Sunday bloody Sunday

@SpazzyKK (KK Garrett ) tweeted:

RT @JanGilson: #Put2SongsTogether Can't You Hear Me Knocking on Heaven's Door

@SpazzyKK (KK Garrett ) tweeted:

RT @kauffeemann: Cheeseburger In Paradise By The Dashboard Light #Put2SongsTogether

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#SaveODAAT #PiDay #Put2SongsTogether #NationalAgDay #MyBestFriendIn3Words https://t.co/gkx2HLu5Hw What Goes Aroun… https://t.co/CBlTfGGsPJ

@SpazzyKK (KK Garrett ) tweeted:

RT @ricosuave60: #Put2SongsTogether Hotel California Dreaming

@tenpenny_lisa (lisa lynn spears) tweeted:

#Put2SongsTogether Crazy Blue Moon

@thenextday13 (Thomas McEwan) tweeted:

The Bitch Is Back In The USSR #Put2SongsTogether

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