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Trend time: Thu Mar 14, 2019
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@julienbahloul (Julien Bahloul) tweeted:

#BREAKING: la sirène alerte missiles retentit à #TelAviv. Une explosion entendue. Aucune explication pour le moment.

@Miriam411 (Miriam Goldman Eps) tweeted:

Rocket sirens, explosions heard in #TelAviv and suburbs. #Israel

@sotiridi (Sotiri Dimpinoudis) tweeted:

#Update: The Loud explosion reported in #TelAviv are the result of multiple interceptions of the #IronDome in #Israel.

@AAhronheim (Anna Ahronheim) tweeted:

At least two rockets fired towards central #Israel, including #TelAviv. Reports of one interception by the Iron Dome Missile defense system

@SharkNewsWires (Shark NewsWires) tweeted:

#BREAKING : Tel Aviv code red sirens Update : Video of the sirens then sound of explosions as Iron Dome intercept… https://t.co/2uV2fGQ2JW

@Meyer_Habib (Meyer Habib) tweeted:

Attaque du #Hamas sur #TelAviv : le maire annonce l'ouverture des abris pour les civils...

@USAloveGOD () tweeted:

Islamic jihad responsible for 2 rockets fired at #TelAviv Sirens going off! https://t.co/5N20LdD0Ji

@ProgDreyfus (Progetto Dreyfus) tweeted:

BREAKING NEWS. Almeno due razzi lanciati da Gaza verso #TelAviv. Sirene da Bat Yam a Ramat Aviv. Testimoni riferisc… https://t.co/BXACInByYe

@Ostrov_A (Arsen Ostrovsky) tweeted:

Tonight was first time since 2014 #Gaza War, that rockets were launched on #TelAviv!

@Rachel19962000 (Rachel) tweeted:

Dalla chat della mia famiglia in Israele. https://t.co/sAgW8D4P0e #telaviv #amisraelchai https://t.co/oU8QTDAPPM

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