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@carabajalmorric (Carabajal Morrick) tweeted:

Check out our latest #audiobook “The Enchanted” - This steampunk era tale has witchcraft, villains, and beautiful w… https://t.co/iqGZm3sGdk

@Pizzazz_Books (Bridgitte Goosen) tweeted:

On a collision course with a deadly web of hackers, spies and assassins! ★THE PYONGYANG OPTION★

@Loraann_ (Lora Ann) tweeted:

@JNCC_UK (JNCC) tweeted:

#FridayReads ~ The UK's 'Blue Belt' of #MarineProtectedAreas ~ Our seas cover 70% of the surface of the planet & su… https://t.co/cg7Prg

@SBLeaders (SB on Leadership) tweeted:

In yesterday's issue, we featured insight from @simonmacrory, author of "Wake up and smell the coffee: The imperati… https://t.co/lYnl1uGAdj

@MichiganEGLE (Michigan EGLE) tweeted:

Well can all make efforts towards recycling. This guide answers many of your questions about how and where to recyc… https://t.co/Pk9nZu5oaP

@ColleenTews (Colleen Tews) tweeted:

For 2000 years a civil war has raged between witches and werewolves. No one remembers how it began. One will dream… https://t.co/1TbB08q5gA

@authorjessb (Jess B. Moore) tweeted:

Looking for a steamy intense love? Into character driven romance? Fierce Grace is FREE today and this weekend!!… https://t.co/FCyl9mepy9

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#FridayReads okay, you twisted my arm! Some good stuff right here #WritingCommunity Take a boo. @chrisfarnsworth… https://t.co/Ptnbx8TCpO

@ElizaJScott1 (Eliza J Scott) tweeted:

Molly's life couldn't be more perfect until tragedy strikes & turns her world upside down... The Talisman - Molly's… https://t.co/WAvI9E

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