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@coach_olsen (Nate Olsen) tweeted:

Parrish with 5 #PowerTrip

@StonedCoder (Stoned Coder™) tweeted:

@MeatSauce1 wins #Powertrip #bigCrank #wailz #smokeWeedEveryday #boomBitchBoom @PowerTripKFAN

@TyReizy (Tyler Reis) tweeted:

@KFAN1003 @PowerTripKFAN @MountainDew @Chris_Hawkey #PowerTrip

@pK_Pekarna (Ryan Pekarna) tweeted:

@AjKFAN #Powertrip

@TBTCelebrity (Truth Be Told) tweeted:

#PowerTrip Kim Kardashian Poses Nude https://t.co/Ha7uu4hgyg

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Why Funny T-shirts can open up the conversation in any boating adventure https://t.co/roFlJeJDOV #FridayMorning… https://t.co/4Osm3XK498

@sticks017 (Josh) tweeted:

@PowerTripKFAN @MountainDew Hawkey #powertrip

@RolandiaKarnak (17) tweeted:

@AOC is on a MAJOR #PowerTrip!

@STautges (Steph) tweeted:

You know I listen to @PowerTripKFAN too much when I hear the initials are SB and the first thing I wrote down was S… https://t.co/d3ULBLPmHJ

@TBTCelebrity (Truth Be Told) tweeted:

#PowerTrip Mum Blogger Recreates That Kim Kardashian Naked Selfie And Slams Body Haters https://t.co/0bde0cB33d

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