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Trend time: Fri Mar 15, 2019
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@JeromeFosterII (Jerome Foster II) tweeted:

Are tou ready to take action?!!? I here in Atlanta at The Climate Reality Leadership Training, table 96. This is… https://t.co/png9YvZQJc

@maxine_stephen (Sarah Stephen) tweeted:

Here from @SapienzaRoma w/ @global_mammal lab - what is your university doing to support the #YouthClimateStrike ?… https://t.co/xFoyIyRROE

@RobGMacfarlane (Robert Macfarlane) tweeted:

Young people on the hills, in the trees, in the streets! Incredible energy at the Cambridge #YouthClimateStrike now… https://t.co/6YYgMptxV7

@algore (Al Gore) tweeted:

Led by the inspiring @GretaThunberg and @ClimateReality leader @havenruthie in the U.S, students are fighting like… https://t.co/qexgwgooGo

@JayInslee (Jay Inslee) tweeted:

Today is about the young leaders around the world standing up for their futures. I’ll be sharing some of those voic… https://t.co/nK8AtiO41D

@SciNetUCS (The Science Network) tweeted:

We support the students of the US #YouthClimateStrike in their fight for climate action. To learn more about their… https://t.co/JLKwFamZCQ

@sarahkaplan48 (Sarah Kaplan) tweeted:

Thousands of kids in more than a hundred countries around the world are filling the streets today for the… https://t.co/9pI7DPo2Gs

@jvesenegal (JVE SENEGAL) tweeted:

@la_chouet (la chouette) tweeted:

Super ils manifestent contre eux-mêmes !

@michele_andrews (Michèle Andrews) tweeted:

I stand with the inspiring young people striking with @Fridays4future @climatestrikeUS @climatestrikeCAN as they d… https://t.co/8kw1LS8dBM

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