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@PresbyMoRanch (Mo-Ranch) tweeted:

Look at this awesome black and white photo of the manual construction of our Chapel on the Hill! Did you know that… https://t.co/bsBmnl0GhK

@NavalInstitute (U.S. Naval Institute) tweeted:

#FunFactFriday - The Navy declined to assist in the production of "Crimson Tide" because of problems with the scrip… https://t.co/WZiIVkksft

@PokemonGoApp (Pokémon GO) tweeted:

Standing at over 6 ft tall, Spark is tallest among our Pokémon GO team leaders! #FunFactFriday

@Pleatco_Pure (Pleatco_Pure) tweeted:

Here's a #FunFactFriday . . . The first swimming #pool #filtration system was installed about 1910 . . . Not even 1… https://t.co/O5EjJd2zmI

@WMUCooleyLaw (WMU-Cooley) tweeted:

#FunFactFriday: This is the first time in Michigan history that the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State,… https://t.co/pBG1CFUR5W

@UnitronGlobal (Unitron Global) tweeted:

#FunFactFriday Pandas have ultrasonic hearing, allowing them to pick up very high frequencies. #EarFacts https://t.co/Zg0CzJEpT9

@Rewardsdotcom (Rewards.com) tweeted:

Did you know you can earn up to 75% Rewards Cash on your purchase #shoppingonline through Yeah we know it’s a cra… https://t.co/mVHYQFE6in

@CrosstownTO (Crosstown) tweeted:

#FunFactFriday a plot of land just north of Avenue and Eglinton was once owned by the Eglinton Hunt Club. It housed… https://t.co/BZtNI3lzjQ

@peelcaf (Peel CAF) tweeted:

Fun Fact Fridays

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Thanks, Marinus, for these photos of a 1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. #FunFactFriday - the ball joints in the thro… https://t.co/lKwZ5MpgMm

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