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@juliemargretta (Julie M. Wilson) tweeted:

Getting ready for the keynote at #MALeads19 @masscue - we'll kick off by capturing the knowledge in the room via th… https://t.co/4xcrVR71EG

@danieldowns (Daniel Downs, Ed.D.) tweeted:

SHOWDOWN in WO-TOWN with @twagnerIPS @AmyGregory104 @MrsErinFisher tomorrow during our "Challenge" Session!… https://t.co/DVnaDpnlEL

@MassCUE (MassCUE) tweeted:

Are we focused on what we know or what we are learning? #maleads19 https://t.co/8yVle7Tf1K

@kwinsper (Karen Winsper) tweeted:

“What would you say if you didn’t have to be the smartest person in the meeting or need to be liked?” #MALeads19

@MGeoghegan22 (Martin Geoghegan) tweeted:

Think about our kids sitting in class having to prove they are smart and also get people to like them.… https://t.co/qoBn5QFFjJ

@Dr_LMR (Lena Marie Rockwood) tweeted:

"Revere is a great example of sustained leadership" #MAleads19 @RPS_Super @RPS_AsstSuper @lourenco962

@cterrillteach (Colleen Terrill) tweeted:

“Where is the people development plan to make the strategic plan work?” Success happens when you unleash talent an… https://t.co/JzU2mydUEq

@KarenMMcGrath (KarenMMcGrath) tweeted:

"Give license to your staff to put everything aside the first few days to spend time building relationships"… https://t.co/Sqhzebr0D1

@MassCUE (MassCUE) tweeted:

Disrupt Education Now session at #maleads19 @MGeoghegan22 @casehighprinc @j_hoffman22 https://t.co/sVZ3Mgkpep

@MassCUE (MassCUE) tweeted:

The @brainpop table at #maleads19 https://t.co/0sq6UjK6F3

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