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Trend time: Fri Mar 15, 2019
Trend location: United Kingdom / United Kingdom
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@20gallantoarbi (Yudhistira Gallanto ) tweeted:

RT @Zekairy: “Hello Brother” The last words said by a Muslim man to an armed terrorist white man pointing his machine-gun to him #NewZealan…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @oguzhankoc: #NewZealandTerroristAttack bu insanlık dışı katliamı lanetliyorum!

@sinanaraz (Sinan Araz) tweeted:

#NewZealandTerroristAttack videosunu izledim, kotu etkilenirim saniyordum ama etkilenmedim. CSGO maci izliyo gibi i… https://t.co/njb9SGlWJt

@cerraj_ben24HS (Cerrajería 24 Hs Urg) tweeted:

RT @RaholaOficial: Supremacismo blanco: Noruega, 2012, 69 jóvenes asesinados en un campamento de verano. Pittsburgh, 2018, 11 judíos asesin…

@engmeshal213 (م.ف.) tweeted:

RT @Dr_Kassab: The entire world MUST understand that : He's a terrorist, not mentally ill. He's a terrorist, nothing else! #NewZealandSh…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @Habeebinamdar: “We don’t pray to exist. We exist to Pray.” #Christchruch #NewZealandShooting #NewZealandTerroristAttack https://t.co/7E…

@rkhongjee (Rep) tweeted:

RT @sagarikaghose: Right wing terrorism and the right wing terrorist: the reality the world needs to wake up to #NewZealandTerroristAttack

@murat_derbent (EYT Murat DERBENT) tweeted:

Terazi var, tartı var; her şeyin bir vakti var....... #NewZealand #NewZealandTerroristAttack

@GemLRobinson (Gemma Robinson) tweeted:

I visited #NewZealand last year & it's an amazing place. This shouldn't happen anywhere in the world! My thoughts a… https://t.co/sAJt5I

@VeryGaySam (Sam ) tweeted:

RT @MuslimIQ: Every single word of this. “The most dishonest thing I could say today is that I am shocked by this attack.”

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