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Trend time: Fri Mar 15, 2019
Trend location: United Kingdom / United Kingdom
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@MartinCoslett (Martin Coslett) tweeted:

#beatbeam royal and derngate

@EamonnODwyer (Eamonn O'Dwyer) tweeted:

I will #BeAtBEAM #UKMTConference

@MercuryMusicals (Mercury Musical Deve) tweeted:

#BEAM2020 will be at @RoyalDerngate! Will you #BeAtBeam?

@kategolledge (Kate Golledge) tweeted:

You heard it here first - #BEAM2020 will be at @RoyalDerngate next spring! #BeAtBeam

@MTheatreNetwork (Musical Theatre Netw) tweeted:

#BEAM2020 will be at @RoyalDerngate! Will you #BeAtBeam?

@GuyWoolf (Guy Woolf ✡️) tweeted:

I will #beatBEAM

@PowellsWorld (Matt Powell - Musica) tweeted:

Such an inspiring day so far #UKMTConference so much so I'll #beatbeam 2020

@V_Saxton (Victoria Saxton) tweeted:

So excited to hear #Beam2020 will be at @RoyalDerngate I will #beatbeam I hope you will too @MercuryMusicals @MTheatreNetwork

@jstheatreprods (John Stalker) tweeted:

#beatbeam coming to Northampton Royal and Derngate spring 2020. You heard it here first.

@mettatheatre (Metta Theatre) tweeted:

I will #BeAtBeam in 2020 @RoyalDerngate - join me/us there...

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