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Trend time: Fri Mar 15, 2019
Trend location: United Kingdom / United Kingdom
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@FHCricket2014 (FH Cricket) tweeted:

Backed the winner but impossible to celebrate after what happened to #ripsirerec

@nicolakelleher (Nicola Kelleher) tweeted:

FFS @itvracing rushing the horses shoe on just because he was the favourite and now his leg is broken. Probably bei… https://t.co/aT3UVjyfGh

@LeanneJudgeUK (Leanne Judge ) tweeted:

Aww they’ve put him down, heartbreaking...

@JamesDimmick8 (James Dimmick) tweeted:

#RIPSIREREC #CheltenhamFestival

@josh42217 (Josh Gill) tweeted:

Devastating news so hard to watch sometimes #ripsirerec

@swaz_15 (Swaz) tweeted:

I may have just lost a couple of bets with Sir Erec pulling up but that is so insignificant compared to him having… https://t.co/ienDv4OeUF

@BigJoeHorseTips (Joe Bunn) tweeted:

Sir Erec

@ShaneGHogan (Shane Hogan) tweeted:

RT @BigJoeHorseTips: Sir Erec

@col_cogs (Colleen) tweeted:

The feeling of guilt you get when horses that you've bet on have to be put down is terrible

@BigBurgers14 (Patrik Berger) tweeted:

RT @BigJoeHorseTips: Sir Erec

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