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Trend time: Fri Mar 15, 2019
Trend location: France / France
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@thegranturismo (Gran Turismo) tweeted:

The first World Tour event of the 2019 @FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships is almost here! Make sure to set a… https://t.co/56syY63Nn2

@thegranturismo (Gran Turismo) tweeted:


@GTPlanetNews (GTPlanet) tweeted:

Here’s where the real party is at the #FIAGTC Paris event: playing the original @thegranturismo on a PS2 in the hot… https://t.co/0e0XgA0IQ4

@Mc_Epsilon (Èpsilon) tweeted:

Bmw team. Capitaneado por el titán @FT_NicoR. #fiagtc #granturismo #gtsport #simracing https://t.co/FsWoPXkYKa

@PlayStation_jp (プレイステーション公式) tweeted:

前シーズン活躍した『グランツーリスモSPORT』トップランカーたちがフランスに再集結!今年初のライブイベント「グランツーリスモワールドツアー 2019 パリ」が3月17日開催! 日本語生中継はこちら→… https://t.co/lMBLqIuh8E

@TAGHeuer (TAG Heuer) tweeted:

A new World Tour of the FIA Certified @thegranturismo Championships is about to begin! The best competitors from la… https://t.co/uFl5xNHLlk

@WilliamsJIM_ (WILLIAMS JIM ΞSPORTS) tweeted:

#GTSport | Our guys are already in Paris for the first #FIAGTC World Tour of the season! Today is 'Overall Qualifi… https://t.co/cwyTve024a

@Mc_Epsilon (Èpsilon) tweeted:

Los primeros en llegar! #fiagtc #paris @Williams_Coque y @Mc_Epsilon https://t.co/InbzGSxT60

@Kaz_Yamauchi (山内 一典) tweeted:

FIA GT選手権ワールドツアー第1戦、パリの街に新型スープラがやってきました。#GTSport #FIAGTC https://t.co/sChxtVZNnL

@GTPlanetNews (GTPlanet) tweeted:

Welcome to Paris! We have just arrived at the venue for the #FIAGTC @thegranturismo 2019 kickoff event. Stay tuned… https://t.co/PSyuzSoIzT

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