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@alfonslopeztena (Alfons López Tena #F) tweeted:

Θάνατος Αρχιμήδη Aντίγραφο ρωμαϊκού ψηφιδωτού που εικονίζει τη σκηνή του φόνου του Αρχιμήδη από Ρωμαίο στρατιώτη (Φ… https://t.co/XVhQit1XX9

@skip_divided (Radiohead addict'd) tweeted:

#PiDay :) https://t.co/gqZWMHEyfg

@DebHarkness (Deborah Harkness) tweeted:

Happy #PiDay! https://t.co/hTJ50W05k6

@MSPowerBI (Power BI) tweeted:

Data viz. It's easy as Pi. #PiDay @MSExcel https://t.co/3NvCorVUzy

@lifeway_kefir (Lifeway Foods, Inc.) tweeted:

Did someone say Pie? Take a slice out of #PiDay with our mini pumpkin pie tarts: https://t.co/79zMsfOP6g https://t.co/KR1gWSxmAz

@Kimberly4BZ (Kimberly Forbes) tweeted:

To all my fellow math geeks, Happy Pi Day!!! #piday #iloveteachingmath https://t.co/sLwLxW36LU

@LincolnLoudTLH (Lincoln Loud) tweeted:

Happy Pie Day! In honor of Pi Day, Clyde and I made 3.1415926535897932384626433832095028821971693993751058209749945… https://t.co/4iTOekURBG

@davematt88 (Dave Matt) tweeted:

How come the number pi gets a special day but the numbers 420 and 69 don't get a day. ? #PiDay

@thirtymommy (scherrie d) tweeted:

celebrate #Piday with this Easy Pi Pie Puzzle Craft! https://t.co/TzsKaCEFQr #Homeschool #math #Pi #DIY… https://t.co/8seBv7bJIT

@AlabamaShakes (Alabama Shakespeare ) tweeted:

#PiDay Here's every death in #Shakespeare—including those deaths by pie—in one convenient pie chart:… https://t.co/j6gvi1a4lV

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