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Trend time: Fri Mar 15, 2019
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@livescore (LiveScore) tweeted:

#EuropaLeague Draw:

@livescore (LiveScore) tweeted:

#EuropaLeague Semi-Finals will be: Arsenal or Napoli VS Villarreal or Valencia

@FichajeGoleador (100% FICHAJES DE FÚT) tweeted:

@Jurnal19BTV (Jurnal19BTV) tweeted:

#Gunners @Arsenal melaju ke babak perempatfinal #UEFAEuropaLeague #EuropaLeague @EuropaLeague 3 - 0 atas… https://t.co/gquPBeXofW

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Die #Adler

@RJindonesia (kang jun) tweeted:

RT @willianborges88: One more step! Quarterfinals, here we go! Come on Chelsea!

@Mosajjal (Alireza the interist) tweeted:

RT @SempreIntercom:

@Cui_Dy (Andréa) tweeted:

RT @lnstantFoot: OFFICIEL ! Voici le tirage des quarts de finale de l'#EuropaLeague ! ➡️ Gros choc entre Arsenal et Naples ! https://t.co…

@dani_nur_h (Dani Nur Hadiyanto) tweeted:

RT @livescore: Here is your 2019 Europa League quarter-final draw

@gunnersfr (Gunners France (GFR)) tweeted:

Avant d'affronter Naples en quarts, on va revenir sur la soirée d'hier avec la réaction des principaux protagoniste… https://t.co/2BTyqQp32V

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