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@TheComicsBolt (The Comics Bolt) tweeted:

⚡ Check out the brand new trailer for #AvengersEndgame! #BoltUpOnComics https://t.co/JOlOODRuyT

@MarianaVDL (Mariana Velazquez) tweeted:

#AvengersEndgame versión @ChampionsLeague

@SuperheroPOLL (SuperheroPOLL! Plus+) tweeted:

. Want Your Geek POLLs & Questions Shared❓ ⭐ ADD: #SHPOLL19 ⭐ Tap 'Latest' to Vote! Follow us:… https://t.co/OyK584mt5c

@weepingangel013 (Weeping angel) tweeted:

アベンジャーズ:エンドゲーム、最新ポスター文字なしHQ版 #AvengersEndgame https://t.co/8YlYImio5u

@spidervoman () tweeted:

Clint i Goose pokonają Thanosa #AvengersEndgame

@StillAlive96 (Productive Procrasti) tweeted:

RT @blackaombo: How I imagine #AvengersEndgame to go down https://t.co/kQpPvfXVJ4

@ale_tatiana (Tatiana) tweeted:

RT @FCruz30: 11 años del MCU finalizan en abril. #AvengersEndgame https://t.co/zrZu5h6rbC

@mgbrlce (G— ϟ) tweeted:

RT @ThiccThanos: Thor and Captain Marvel after they whoop Thanos’ ass and save the world #AvengersEndgame https://t.co/IFnRLUC42m

@anat0bias (Ana Tobias) tweeted:

RT @MarianaVDL: #AvengersEndgame versión @ChampionsLeague

@exteeer (ester) tweeted:

RT @trulyavengers: Ele foi de ►_◄ para ✿◠‿◠ em questão se minutos #AvengersEndgame https://t.co/lUtZBH3Qn9

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