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@stoner_em (e) tweeted:

I've cried through most of episode 5. Jess is incredible. #QueerEye https://t.co/I4ivx7q0Tz

@lovefunkyness (TWS (Mercedes)) tweeted:

RT @bobbyberk: Happy Birthday my darling! Can’t wait to see you next week

@tintilo (Tintilo Lacerda) tweeted:

Eu quero mandar @ pro #QueerEye

@pitythebackseat (Pity The Back Seat) tweeted:

Decided to watch an episode of #QueerEye on last train home. Big mistake. Huge. Either smiling goofily with sheer j… https://t.co/Hc9Xh1THi9

@basstarda (Morgana Mecánica.) tweeted:

Estoy súper UGLY CRYING con la nueva temporada de #QueerEye, maigos

@helioteka (mgd) tweeted:

RT @marciaetc: Me when i woke up and realized it’s Friday and #QueerEye season 3 is finally on #netflix https://t.co/zUUaIwSD43

@lovefunkyness (TWS (Mercedes)) tweeted:

RT @danielletmurray: the progression of antoni finding dead squirrels in the freezer dfghj #QueerEye #QueerEye3 https://t.co/ixkVoGb7Ph

@einolf (Allison Einolf) tweeted:

I love Tan France with curly hair. #QueerEye

@oheysteenz (Steenz! @ Comicpaloo) tweeted:

Seriously that Black Girl Magic episode of #QueerEye is so many kinds of real. I hope @yelyahwilliams watches the e… https://t.co/h3WHcv7W8c

@CarineK (I love Arya Stark 30) tweeted:

Bobby really the damn thing with Joey cabine #QueerEye

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