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Trend time: Sat Mar 16, 2019
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@London_italian (ItalianLondon) tweeted:

Abruzzo, Italy, among 10 Best Places to Retire in the World | Not after #Brexit it won’t be!… https://t.co/bYjF3NIdEu

@UKandEU (The UK in a Changing) tweeted:

Great to have @anandMenon1 on @theJeremyVine show on @BBCRadio2 earlier today, discussing how #Brexit has affected… https://t.co/BTuWVTDxg7

@lionelbarber (Lionel Barber) tweeted:

Boris Johnson: The coming Great U-turn on #Brexit as imagined by @robertshrimsley “My friends, I have nothing to o… https://t.co/OEjPEpQmhq

@ecotricity (ecotricity) tweeted:

Fresh from the chaos of another botched #Brexit vote, Phillip Hammond pitched his ‘clean growth’ strategy in this w… https://t.co/x9rFUwssrt

@KTokarek (Kate #FBPE ⚕️ ❤️) tweeted:

I think every single MP need to read it! This is what #brexit really is all about! @brexit_sham @carolecadwalla… https://t.co/oBtLdyLZXr

@PaulinaAstrozaS (Paulina Astroza) tweeted:

Portada de @NewYorker #Brexit https://t.co/MGqDslZNMY

@ProfRayKinsella (Ray Kinsella) tweeted:

#Brexit For vast majority of @EU countries @Brexit reflects unecessary intransigence by the Brits They have been d… https://t.co/kbF5bHjG7o

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@garyashley5 #Brexit is the gift that keeps on taking. The xenophobic and racist attacks are happening daily now... Very sad times.

@onthewingit (Simon Rae-Scott) tweeted:

This well researched audit trail of hatred linking the perpetrator of the shootings in New Zealand through Candace… https://t.co/HZT7oeBC7Q

@brexit_politics (Dave's Brexit Politi) tweeted:

Donald Trump blasts May over her handling of Brexit - ‘She didn’t listen!’ - https://t.co/qJSD9eh1Yt: Donald…… https://t.co/JjUBDzlyk2

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