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Trend time: Sat Mar 16, 2019
Trend location: Rio de Janeiro / Brazil
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@froyshawnie (deyvyd ) tweeted:

azaleans after sally walker was released #SallyWalker @IGGYAZALEA https://t.co/UHiKpYREWi

@starboysglory (ELTON ⚰️) tweeted:

Iggy did what she had to do for the gays. We stan! #SallyWalker https://t.co/8afdkVrZjI

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:


@971AMPRadio (97.1 AMP Radio) tweeted:

@evewrytime () tweeted:

@iggyazaleanobr @MaxwellsHouse @IGGYAZALEA @Z100NewYork Hi @MaxwellsHouse can you play #SallyWalker by @IGGYAZALEA… https://t.co/hANhXmsYAw

@illumedbeauty (⚰️ SALLY WALKER ) tweeted:


@iggyshook (AZALEA UPDATES ⚰️) tweeted:

Stream and buy #SallyWalker ⚰️⚰️

@LuisUnleashed (Luis ⚰️) tweeted:

If you have Spotify and want to listen to #SallyWalker, please do so through this playlist. Trust me https://t.co/RdlRCwKJyf

@IATodayBR (Iggy Azalea Today Br) tweeted:

Vídeos mais vistos nas últimas 24 horas: #8. #SallyWalker - @IGGYAZALEA (+460) [+4,894,287 views]. https://t.co/Qx6vp3qRlf

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Azaleans if you can please buy both Clean & Explicit versions of #SallyWalker⚰️ so we can make sure it debuts highl… https://t.co/4HZGcR

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