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Trend time: Sat Mar 16, 2019
Trend location: Pozna? / Poland
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@FitLojo1369 (Lauren J Lopez) tweeted:

#weekend #sunday

@myLondis (Londis) tweeted:

☘️St Patricks Day is this weekend☘️ For your chance to #WIN a bottle of Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition, RT & tell… https://t.co/91qL06

@Avrora0418 (✴Avrora✴) tweeted:

#weekend https://t.co/sFyUPQ0kjr

@Fans4RobbMurphy (Fans4RobbMurphy) tweeted:

Our Lazy Acoustic Weekend playlist on #Spotify ☕️

@CanaryIslandsEN (The Canary Islands) tweeted:

@AlexanderZPain (Alexander Pain) tweeted:

It's #Friday. It's a #FiveStar #bookreview from @mywritersnook! #Readers: You know what to do! Get your #weekend… https://t.co/ERZ47EmX4Z

@VClinebarton (Veronica Cline Barto) tweeted:

@AuthorMBTosi @vernsanders @m_ainihi @WendyKathrynOwe @ChristiWalling @cw_hawes @RobertRaker1 @GulfamBhatia1… https://t.co/EwKocbAP9S

@cyallowitz (Charles Yallowitz) tweeted:

Mab has spent her centuries of life in the shadows of Windemere. Will the promise of the light be enough to turn he… https://t.co/q4lUTXD3IJ

@roigie (Dranreb Roigie) tweeted:

Blue on blue on blue #weekend

@Fibutton (Fi ) tweeted:

As you do...

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