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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Kumasi / Ghana
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@Koo_The_Boy (Dan Baafi, Düsseldor) tweeted:

We voted for the clueless polo wearing dude cos he reads from an iPad, so not voting for the UCC girl would be quite hypocritical

@Easy_Bucket (KEVIN) tweeted:

My homeboy after showing his gf the UCC video.. http://t.co/7lkF8w3K8V

@boymaison (:izer) tweeted:

The UCC girl ein body be craaaaazy

@Drvmroll (DrumrOll) tweeted:

This ashanti boy wants to let the ucc chick know she has won the ERECTions.

@RychMorphy (so_CalledProfessor) tweeted:

All those hu haven't watched the UCC Video yet, hurrraaay ur chance has come to see the real tin at #FratHouse.

@kweku_cyber (Abrofo Nkateɛ Tearer) tweeted:


@Dwillsrepgh (D-Wills) tweeted:

Chale the UCC girl , I get ein number ooo, so if you dey wan look sharp.. DM me p3.. 10gh only... Mobile money simple

@TertiaryTV (TERTIARY TV-LIVE) tweeted:

Korkor, The UCC Student who's videos have gone viral, 5 facts you didn't know! http://t.co/6nepYVeB7K via [@omgGhanaDotCom]

@frankie__ab (T'Hanos) tweeted:

#mywildestwish "@nambepatrickGH:

@TTMobile_gh (TT Mobile GH) tweeted:

TT GHANA 07:24 1.#frathouse 2.Kanye 3.Amber 4.The UCC 5.#mywildestwish 6.Ghana 7.Tyga 8.Wait 30 9.Drake 10.Won Gbo

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