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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Kumasi / Ghana
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@NanaYawwSmith (✗NanaYawwKumi™) tweeted:

Packaging some waakye this morning.. It's very necessary.

@rulingkay (Toodles) tweeted:

Ghanaians like waakye oo

@NotJustPascal (PKMD) tweeted:

Charle i conf. "@Qwe_ci: Pascal come dey bread and egg seller e body say e wan buy waakye....see what old age dey fit do"

@rulingkay (Toodles) tweeted:

That moment when u are late for work and the lady standing in front of u in the waakye queue is buying for everyone in her office... Smh

@IAmKofi (IAMKOFI) tweeted:

RT @Andy_Amoah: @djblack @Dentaa_show @IAmKofi oh and I count him as a personal friend too :-) @IAmKofi have some Waakye for me if ur still…

@efolandguard (Ken Adams) tweeted:


@akusheeka (Akua F✨) tweeted:

I'm going to order waakye and stay in bed

@6LACKHAMER (#P06BA) tweeted:

Waakye Breakfast

@Ruby_Slomon (Fictional Character❤) tweeted:

"@__nanayaw: Waakye Breakfast"

@NotJustPascal (PKMD) tweeted:

Saida Waakye.

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