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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Kumasi / Ghana
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@Kojo_NuELZ (Classified!!!) tweeted:

Fuck it am goin to get some of the waakye

@kev_tix (Kev) tweeted:

Only Ewe's sells #waakye at new residential area

@DatsKenny () tweeted:

Aint nothing like #Waakye and a bottle of #coke for #breakfast

@Boys_abr3_o (Inactive Acc) tweeted:

Ibi soo? "@TatasJackieChan: How some one Cedi pants and some Alo tee go fi mk U dey see Ur body Eh

@kev_tix (Kev) tweeted:

RT @_dhamhie_: Wild Images from the waakye joint this morning #TemaC5 http://t.co/xNXFYZyCnj

@Boys_abr3_o (Inactive Acc) tweeted:

Go and buy errh! "@KwekuDjango: I want some RT @mzzymellie: Lemme go get my waakye"

@Boys_abr3_o (Inactive Acc) tweeted:

Hahaaha "@KwameGunner: Today the waakye queue di33r...like great walls of China oo..Forsia should pinpoint we the regular customers oo..

@Boys_abr3_o (Inactive Acc) tweeted:

Just thank God you've had your koko or waakye this morning. Nyame na εhwε nipa εnnyε aban.

@aghanaiangirl (tony stark deserves ) tweeted:

Waakye in the nude

@Boys_abr3_o (Inactive Acc) tweeted:

Ooh hoo ... Where? "@9ICEKEVIN: Only Ewe's sells #waakye at new residential area"

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