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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Kumasi / Ghana
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@MsDebrah (Adejoke) tweeted:

The disappointment you feel when you see that the waakye woman didn't come

@rashbaey (RH-Inc) tweeted:

RT @nambepatrickGH: Saa Saaa Saaa "@rashbaey: “@tailorMARIQUE: Lol"@rashbaey: Waakye was normal until I joined twitter!"” chaley serious oo…

@Fabyjnr (He) tweeted:

Abi your sisto dey "@fakglo: "@Fabyjnr: Yo @jslim24 , buy me waakye on your way back."u dey hiaa woman"

@Danny_Chukwuma (Daniel Chukwuma) tweeted:

RT @Mis_habada: Waakye on my mind

@Danny_Chukwuma (Daniel Chukwuma) tweeted:

RT @Ganyo_bi: A Saturday morning without waakye or soccer is not complete at all. I have none

@Danny_Chukwuma (Daniel Chukwuma) tweeted:

RT @TTMobile_gh: Waakye is now trending in Ghana, ranking 8 http://t.co/0v4NqegdbU

@Boys_abr3_o (Inactive Acc) tweeted:

I see .. Well I hope that Waakye joint is super? "@9ICEKEVIN: @nambepatrickGH East- La"

@theboydreezy (Motherfucker Guns) tweeted:

some waakye will do

@TTMobile_gh (TT Mobile GH) tweeted:

TT GHANA 10:04 1.Amber 2.The UCC 3.Kanye 4.#mywildestwish 5.Ghana 6.#FRATHOUSE 7.Wait 30 8.Won Gbo 9.Waakye 10.Yi Wo Dross

@oh_dey (Olivia ) tweeted:

@VivaciousVeve babe bring me d waakye some. I'm starving

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