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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Kumasi / Ghana
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@justinbieber (Justin Bieber) tweeted:

Drake and Josh was my favorite show as a kid. really.

@somanyshrimp (david drake) tweeted:

"Sometimes I really wish he had never jumped on it—it was gonna blow without him." Migos mgr on Drake: http://t.co/uF6TwGiN3F

@FunnyVines (Funny Vines) tweeted:

rt if you made drake smile.. http://t.co/CWEYRNFQM9

@TheLyricistPost (Song Memories) tweeted:

"I know you've been hurt by someone else. I can tell by the way you carry yourself." - Drake ft. Rihanna

@SAGACASH (Saga Cash/Byon KnowZ) tweeted:

@EmmaRosewatches No Cash sings @drake's Started From The Bottom: http://t.co/xPBv06f3QH @No_Cash_Flo

@ANlGGATURNT (Jeffery) tweeted:

im in that drake and the weeknd mood

@Drake (Drizzy) tweeted:

http://t.co/KcZooNLcPE http://t.co/s6krTAeuke

@UKBanter (UK Banter) tweeted:

Drake just dropped six months worth of Instagram captions

@Drake (Drizzy) tweeted:

http://t.co/KcZooNtBY6 http://t.co/raFiw5dx4I

@rappersaid (Rapper Said) tweeted:

Why does Drake always look like a proud wife? http://t.co/ktX9nOf5MF

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