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@AmaneUnno (Amane Unno) tweeted:

RT @suzukimotogp: YES WE CAN!!

@fangdragon (牙龍) tweeted:

RT @MotoGP: What can you say about @ValeYellow46!

@bignerina (bignerina56) tweeted:

RT @maopasquinelli: Signore e signori... Valentino Rossi. Il motociclismo. Mito! #AmericasGP #Skymotori https://t.co/2psh5YJyp2

@DespricableMe (Gru) tweeted:

RT @MotoGP: "Mixed feelings. Today was a great opportunity but it was a good race. I was strong all weekend"

@nazovarianrasta (Jadi gini,) tweeted:

RT @bagasatriaputra: RT TRANS7 "Perebutan tempat pertama yang sengit antara Rins42 dan ValeYellow46 #AmericasGP https://t.co/hFcU1T7Pmx"

@homestyle68 (Paul Delacruz) tweeted:

RT @COTA: Un. Be. Lievable. #AmericasGP https://t.co/6M9WdcVaTe

@iPhem (fahmizain) tweeted:

RT @MotoGP: What can you say about @ValeYellow46!

@naneyisnine3 (kimoractus) tweeted:

RT @MotoGP: Does @ValeYellow46 have a Championship-winning package in 2019?

@lacrimeVersace (.) tweeted:

RT @btsportmotogp: 'Valentino Rossi is past it' 'Valentino Rossi should retire' 'Rossi is taking up a seat for a younger rider' His resu…

@LorenyiG (Lorenyi Goncalvez) tweeted:

RT @HRC_MotoGP: As always, @marcmarquez93 tried his hardest to save it. #AmericasGP

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