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@frankweeink (Frank Weeink) tweeted:

RT @MotoGP: FREE: @marcmarquez93 crashes... the King of COTA is out!

@bbp1688 (Bernat ♱) tweeted:

RT @MotoGP: Nothing but respect for @ValeYellow46 from @YamahaMotoGP

@fcb46 (amstaff46) tweeted:

RT @fanclubVR46: GRANDE @ValeYellow46 che gran gara

@illydancer95 (Illydancer) tweeted:

RT @ylesghost: eh nulla, un buon inizio lunedì #AmericasGP https://t.co/LSCOjPJGGD

@Rossi46rus (Petr Petrov) tweeted:

RT @suzukimotogp: King of the Rodeo!

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