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@TeamCanada (Team Canada) tweeted:

Finishing off STRONG!

@carpy_14 (Bobo Carpenter) tweeted:

Congrats @carpy05 !! #WomensWorlds #USA So proud of you and everything you’ve overcome! #TrueInspiration

@kevinlueders (Kevin Lueders) tweeted:

@IIHFHockey @usahockey Very sad day for #WomensWorlds. A wonderful tournament ruined by a non-sense call. @FinlandHockey you were robbed

@DigDeepBSB (Mike Murphy) tweeted:

As controversial as the result of the #WomensWorlds gold medal game was, it would be a crime to forget @Nooraty41 s… https://t.co/mVR6AoXqZA

@usahockey (USA Hockey) tweeted:

The golden moment

@CarlzCampbell (Carlee Campbell) tweeted:

Um @IIHFHockey can someone explain this? So Finland’s goal should have counted? Check out iii. #someoneexplain… https://t.co/5zJBRxktfl

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Okay this is bizarre. Keep watching the refs at centre ice. The referees did not decide to go to video review until… https://t.co/iuvo67RiUg

@IIHFHockey (IIHF) tweeted:

A dramatic final complete with a Championship win for the @usahockey READ MORE: https://t.co/FaVIDz1k1k… https://t.co/vVUWKjg3xG

@kareemslick (kareemslick) tweeted:

@JackieE28153482 @IIHFHockey @Nooraty41 @leijonat @usahockey IIHF RULE 185 –GOALTENDER & GOAL CREASE/GOAL ALLOWED i… https://t.co/4dSOrD

@IIHFHockey (IIHF) tweeted:

With the #WomensWorlds coming to a close, it's time to name the tournament #MVP.... Congratulations to @leijonat C… https://t.co/zpooW3oPC3

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