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@MotoGP (MotoGP™ ) tweeted:

"Gigi created something big inside Ducati" - @AndreaDovizioso

@MotoGP (MotoGP™ ) tweeted:

What a SAVE!

@MauroScinto (Scinto Official ™) tweeted:

What a SAVE!

@delcentrobilbao (Mary Lehendakari) tweeted:

#AmericasGP #MotoGP Los seguidores de Rossi cuando se cae Marc Márquez y cuando gana Alex Rins https://t.co/ZTVONpGIFf

@AS_Motor (AS Motor) tweeted:


@yamahacolombia (Yamaha Motor) tweeted:

Valentino Rossi vuelve al podio en #AmericasGP, en el segundo lugar. Resultados de #AmericasGP de #MotoGP: #VR46… https://t.co/WBRwmm1dMm

@DyerThomas (tdyerwestfield) tweeted:

Surprise maiden win for Alex Rins at COTA! Suzuki win their first race for 3 years. #AmericasGP #MotoGP https://t.co/Mqv4LVhqWd

@suziperry (Suzi Perry) tweeted:

That was a great #motogp race. It sucked 100% to be watching from a hotel room, but great for Rins/Suzuki/Rossi/Mil… https://t.co/Mxjk2vvEkC

@ken_sugar (Ken Sugar) tweeted:

#MotoGP™ #MotoGP_jp #AmericasGP

@Gazzetta_it (LaGazzettadelloSport) tweeted:

#MotoGP @ValeYellow46: "Mi spiace molto, è tanto che non vinco.." #AustinGP https://t.co/nDW1tYPfkL #motori https://t.co/oTLsQaXG0c

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