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@sopitasfm (SopitasFM) tweeted:

¿Cuál de todos ellos te representa?

@maris2cul (Ikwerre Adopted Son) tweeted:

#WinterIsHere #GameofThrones https://t.co/Jfq77yqjMY

@JHerondaleW (‏ ‏) tweeted:

Hoy es el regreso de #GameofThrones Reencuentro de Jon y Arya. Reencuentro de Brienne y Jaime. Reencuentro de Bran… https://t.co/e593RXRrtJ

@JohnnieWalkerSA (JohnnieWalkerSA) tweeted:

Winter is here. Welcome the new season in true @GameOfThrones style with a taste of the frozen North: White Walker… https://t.co/RENujdEGSy

@PhillyFreedoms (Philly Freedoms) tweeted:

Bend the knee, @WashKastles @SDAviators @OrlandoStormWTT @BreakersTennis @VegasRollersWTT @nyempiretennis… https://t.co/5JpRkETZgO

@Raidkkonen (Ronald ) tweeted:

#WinterIsHere #GameOfThrones #Stark https://t.co/E2AfZLpWCl

@JohnnieWalkerSA (JohnnieWalkerSA) tweeted:

From far beyond the wall comes a whisky for those who face the oncoming storm and never stop walking. #WinterIsHere… https://t.co/F7qRVnCYT8

@delenafraser (bella) tweeted:

I can't wait to see Jon's face once he hears that daenerys is his aunt, but even better... I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE SANS… https://t.co/IjlINPsyxp

@MissWinMa (M) tweeted:

RT @traderjohnt1: 2020 is Coming - Who will take Throne #GameofThrones #WinterIsHere #ForTheThrone #GOT8 #GameofThronesSeason8 https://t.c…

@torpedoo696 (Mr. Bootie) tweeted:

Lintek #WinterIsHere eh parang hell is here sobrang init

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