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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Many are #berry interested when we’ll open. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on these fluffy buttery babies! #comingsoon… https://t.co/bItZSXKpiX

@JesseGranger_ (Jesse Granger) tweeted:

Paul Stastny is wearing a “Paul & Patches Pals” hat, which is a project where he and Pacioretty buy kids tickets to… https://t.co/yiGztH

@JesseGranger_ (Jesse Granger) tweeted:

Marc-Andre Fleury on the plastic Flamingo thrown onto the ice- “It’s a nice pet. It doesn’t bark too much right?”… https://t.co/cAXlDJnftC

@HockeyinVegas (Hockey in Vegas) tweeted:

DOORS ARE OPEN! Game 3, lets go! #VegasBorn https://t.co/uKlhfUJ2Pq

@PennyPetalz (Penny PetalZ) tweeted:

#VegasBorn #DesertStrong G3 at HOME! https://t.co/jyJFtVF4wd

@JesseGranger_ (Jesse Granger) tweeted:

This building is unbelievable. #VegasBorn https://t.co/6yAvDf8H7R

@KTNV (KTNV Action News) tweeted:

Mama and baby

@DavidSchoenLVRJ (David Schoen ) tweeted:

Pregame video at T-Mobile Arena prior to Game 3. #VegasBorn https://t.co/HfC74iuRi5

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

The gold stripes to cover our teal-ish blue worked last night. Now it's your turn @GoldenKnights, get that W!… https://t.co/JhAQdeIE09

@VGKFlamingo (Victory Flamingo) tweeted:

Never seen so many Victory Flamingos -- or so few opposing fans -- at the Fortress. It's a thing of beauty!… https://t.co/OlXO80qnni

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