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@stephdianna (Stephanie D Sanchez) tweeted:

@SHR3D Sorry, lady next to me, but it’s hockey!! (So not sorry) #goknightsgo #vegasborn

@hayyyshayyy (Shayna) tweeted:

Thornton hits Nosek in the head. Not good at all. Two minute penalty assessed to Jumbo #SJSharks #VegasBorn https://t.co/1USaZPOC6u

@HockeyinVegas (Hockey in Vegas) tweeted:

“Kane gets 10 feet tall when I’m not on the ice, and when I’m out there, he doesn’t seem to do much,”… https://t.co/b3ujcS00ed

@VinceSapienza (Vince Sapienza) tweeted:

Massive penalty kill from the Golden Knights under 9 minutes to go in the game #VegasBorn #KnightUp #StanleyCup

@VinceSapienza (Vince Sapienza) tweeted:

STONE HAT TRICK #VegasBorn #KnightUp #StanleyCup

@VinceSapienza (Vince Sapienza) tweeted:

Mark Stone

@TheVegasFlu (The Vegas Flu) tweeted:

Mark Stone is filming a new sequel to “The Terminator” movies, and he cast himself in the lead! HATTY

@hometownJT (Jon Tritsch) tweeted:

Mark Stone is responsible for this #VegasBorn #8NN https://t.co/XlRIEQjU6p

@VinceSapienza (Vince Sapienza) tweeted:

Ryan Reaves and Evander Kane finally drop the gloves They both get some good swings in, Reaves claims he's the cha… https://t.co/KsUirSGJmF

@VinceSapienza (Vince Sapienza) tweeted:

How I imagine all of #VegasBorn right now in their living rooms.... https://t.co/JDTJgGGBk3

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