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@CSatmoS (L ) tweeted:

bon bah le premier épisode de GOT est à la hauteur de ce que j’imaginais, la dernière scène est spéciale, mais ding… https://t.co/rYbR22pWyl

@FUCKYOUMIKE_ (Michael Christopher ) tweeted:

The fact that Season 8 episode 1 began with #Tyrion commenting on the #Karstark Sigil and ended w/ #TheNightKing sy… https://t.co/zjWnklDcTP

@Flowkon (Proposition Flow) tweeted:

Est ce que on peut dire que c'est des couples QLF?

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @RaquelM1292: Que puta maravilla es #GamefThrones. No ha hecho falta acción para darnos un capítulo intriductorio maravilloso, donde cad…

@YasminButterfly (Elle Why Kay) tweeted:

“You want a whore, but one. You want a Queen, earn her.” - #Cersei #GOT8x01

@YasminButterfly (Elle Why Kay) tweeted:

But she’s already pregnant fool! #GOT8x01

@rojasnickyy (satan) tweeted:

RT @lee33_j: Just calling it now, the white walker king is going to be Daenerys’s dad. The symbol we’ve been seeing looks just like the T…

@StrawBerrySab (Sab ) tweeted:

Holy. Shit. The revelation being revealed.

@eydeyis (Holly Golightly) tweeted:

Bitin na bitin amputa

@Mazin_Alshabibi (مــازن ) tweeted:

الحين أقدر أدخل تويتر بطمأنينة بعد ما شفت الحلقة. #GOT8x01

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