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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Depois do 8x01.... CADÊ O GHOST E A MELISANDRE ? #GoTS8

@Music_LessThan3 (Winifred Sanderson) tweeted:

The dragons watching Jon make out with his aunt #GameofThrones #GoTS8 https://t.co/o4mRV4OkBU

@smaldino564 (Rob S❌aldino) tweeted:

The army of the dead is marching south to kill everyone and y’all are really worried about TITLES? For what, the Ir… https://t.co/RqCc3v0Gdg

@jaedenphelix (Jae) tweeted:

RT @BR0WNSGA: Had to channel my inner Khaleesi at Coachella this weekend #GoTS8 https://t.co/SB4R1NEfWu

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