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@adsondesouza (Adson Souza) tweeted:

John Snow recebendo a notícia que ele manda na porra toda: #JonSnow #ForTheThrone https://t.co/WJmeeMYCoY

@xSirSherlockx (Apriℓ 레아) tweeted:

RT @yd_1411: This new intro is on a whole other level

@nonmomoz (nonmomo) tweeted:

RT @GameOfThronesJP: #ゲームオブスローンズ シーズン8エピソード1「ウィンターフェル」の一晩での視聴者数(一部ストリーミングサービスでの視聴者数を含む)が1740万人となりこれ迄の番組としての記録だったシーズン7最終回の1690万人を更新した #GameO…

@themyscxras (jessi) tweeted:

RT @Isaac_H_Wright: Loving these #BranStark memes, keep em coming #ForTheThrone

@nadasarhan2 (ندى بنت سرحان) tweeted:

RT @MostafaHamdy_: #ForTheThrone https://t.co/D9NMyfAz4m

@Sirabakar (Abakar) tweeted:

RT @TheNewestMakoy: Since I was quite unmoved by Jon and Arya’s reunion, here I am scoring their ill-gotten reunion with House Stark Theme!…

@tawfeekhesham (Tawfeek) tweeted:

RT @Ahmeed_Hesham: #ForTheThrone https://t.co/gynNu9kEEm

@cjoeyfc (Chineme) tweeted:

The funniest one yet #GameOfThrones #ForTheThrone https://t.co/XySSsun54Q

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @UrbanDecay: This is not a drill

@GaluweroIII (Gooner Simon ) tweeted:

RT @ridersloungerw: ⚠️❗WINTER IS HERE❗⚠️ #GoTS8 will be blasting through all 60" HDScreens of the lounge for our #GOT clients. Come prepare…

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