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Trend time: Tue Apr 16, 2019
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@FIARegionI (FIA Region I) tweeted:

Have you already applied for the FIA Region I #startup challenge? https://t.co/fy8WnkSsZn Discover more:… https://t.co/ZhHkHACaYx

@ihuwash (ihuwash) tweeted:

#ihuwash Consultancy Workshop on WASH Forum in partnership with WASH #Innovation Lab @manav_rachna, @NIUA_India &… https://t.co/Wt8KzMF

@PSakdapolrak (Patrick Sakdapolrak) tweeted:

Weak and strong ties in #agricultural #innovation - the role of #migration and #translocality empirical evidence fr… https://t.co/0KSRRezD99

@Ronald_vanLoon (Ronald van Loon) tweeted:

A house was laid in two days using a mobile bricklaying #robot by @mashable | #Robotics #IoT #InternetOfThings… https://t.co/439A6Xig7P

@IRENA (IRENA) tweeted:

Thanks to #innovation in key clean energy technologies in recent years, a transition to a low-carbon economy is not… https://t.co/FaJSHVYL9N

@Cre8_Innovation (Innovation Academy) tweeted:

If corporations can’t buy #innovation, how are they supposed to achieve it? The same way startups do: through marke… https://t.co/Z97RgfQIzc

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

4 tracks au programme de #360GrandEst : ➡️ Transition numérique et intelligence artificielle ➡️ Transition managér… https://t.co/cfIRVU5bHm

@evankirstel (Evan Kirstel at #Ide) tweeted:

As technology changes the way people live and work, cities are undergoing an unprecedented transformation. Link >… https://t.co/49ktoykta

@Omkar_Raii (Dr.Omkar Rai) tweeted:

The affordable water purifier, which purifies sewage water to drinkable, designed by two engineering students of Ke… https://t.co/oteJfZionq

@BIL_LUX (BIL) tweeted:

Only one week left to submit your application to the Business Woman of the Year award! To learn more ->… https://t.co/L5ao5aidIE

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