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Trend time: Tue Apr 16, 2019
Trend location: Colombia / Colombia
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@asjadnazir (Asjad Nazir) tweeted:

Notre Dame Cathedral took nearly 200 years to build and survived for centuries. The cathedral being destroyed in a… https://t.co/0ErywnDcLH

@cnntoday (CNN Today) tweeted:

“It’s really devastating to get our heads around.” – Anne Lester; Professor of Medieval History @JohnsHopkins on… https://t.co/k49QJbx9ky

@TheBoxThatRoxx (Angela Box) tweeted:

IF #NotreDameFire turns out to be #terrorism, and IF it is downplayed, look for the start of a true civil war.… https://t.co/r4AqKrpVeU

@aca_nikolic7 (Аца - Aleks) tweeted:

Today’s a grim reminder for 1000’s of Serbs, Jews & Roma who were forced to flee or killed in the Serbian state of… https://t.co/7feOllk

@sovereigninsur1 (sovereign insurgent ) tweeted:

"We will rebuild this cathedral all together" @EmmanuelMacron ...and we will call it Notre Dome in the name of inc… https://t.co/km3auAWzSa

@GerbertRambaud (gerbert rambaud) tweeted:

Après la famille #Pinault puis la famille #Arnault pour leurs généreux dons (qu’ils soient remerciés) et si les fam… https://t.co/KtPqI92n7R

@moutrocom (moutrocom) tweeted:

Στη Γαλλία από το 2010 έως σήμερα περίπου 300 άνθρωποι βρήκαν μαρτυρικό θάνατο στο όνομα του Αλλάχ. Οι περισσότεροι… https://t.co/cBinqQxtV5

@onlyDtruths (Stephen feffe Landbe) tweeted:

Will we ever know what really happened at #NotreDameFire? This short film, makes big, big questionmarks in my head.… https://t.co/FtU1NHuUqu

@GaysForFreedom (Gays For Freedom ) tweeted:

This is terrible, and so symbolic of the decline of the Western Europe culture. In France, on average, almost 3 (!)… https://t.co/nxWv9gEhoV

@GillesKLEIN (Gilles Klein) tweeted:

Notre Dame à la Une d'El Diario de Hoy (Salvador) #NotreDameFire https://t.co/3jzHEbIN4u

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