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Trend time: Tue Apr 16, 2019
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@a_h_t_r (AHTR) tweeted:

Our hearts go out to Paris. We mourn this tragedy with you. #NotreDame #notredamecathedral #notredamefire https://t.co/EUwNbJhhTQ

@_Sterka_Seve_ (ToprakveSu) tweeted:

Çok üzücü bir tarih kül oluyor. #paris #NotreDameFire #notredame https://t.co/TVtveQmhGJ

@mackaycartoons (Graeme MacKay) tweeted:

I’m no expert but judging by this interior shot after the worst of #NotreDameFire the flames burned the intricate t… https://t.co/H0QBo9wnUe

@cnnarabic (CNN بالعربية) tweeted:

هذه هي اللحظة التي انهار فيها برج نوتردام بباريس مساء الإثنين، بعد أن دمّر حريق هائل معظم سقف الكاتدرائية. تابعوا آ… https://t.co/XCj37HRwbS

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Old heritage buildings are not just buildings. We need them to make sense of our short fragile life. What we lost i… https://t.co/ryjyxUfjI1

@nagarajanoffici (நாகராஜன் ராம்நாடு) tweeted:

ஒரு பய கூட இன்னும் சேவு #NotreDame னு போஸ்ட் போட காணோம்

@GissiSim (Gissur Simonarson) tweeted:

Seeing reports now that all 3 rose windows have survived intact. Damaged, but intact! Amazing. #NotreDameFire

@cnnarabic (CNN بالعربية) tweeted:

تعتبر إحدى أشهر معالم #باريس.. إليك 5 أشياء تجعل #كاتدرائية_نوتردام أيقونية للغاية https://t.co/xqBuRmZgWo #NotreDameFire

@gilgiardelli (Gil Giardelli) tweeted:

Que belíssima e singela homenagem #NotreDame #NotreDameFire https://t.co/lM2gdz0ZmQ

@schafferwmar (Christian Schaffer) tweeted:

Also - a nice service at Cathedral of Mary our Queen in Baltimore last night. Catholics from the first archdiocese… https://t.co/vfeNAyfRb0

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