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@AfricanaCarr (Greg Carr) tweeted:

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was a U.S. Army vet. He was used by U.S. government to attack Paul Robeson. Near the end of… https://t.co/SJg0JdYpa4

@LeadersBest (Leaders) tweeted:

A life is not important except the impact it has on other lives. -- Jackie Robinson #baseball #Jackie42… https://t.co/2kD9maPUjx

@CDNbaseball (Canadian Baseball) tweeted:

Heather: Remembering ex-Negro League players that played for the Galt Terriers https://t.co/VTFvWKQgCY By: Ed Heath… https://t.co/e2JedOPX3T

@LeftOfBlack (Left of Black) tweeted:

'I realize why #JackieRobinson mattered so much to my dad, because he was a symbol of the possibilities that were a… https://t.co/GhvfLBdXgK

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

ジャッキー・ロビンソン 1955年、ヤンキースとのワールドシリーズ第1戦でのホームスチール 5年連続で同じ相手に世界一を阻止されてきたがこの年やっと球団初の世界一を手にしました。 #JackieRobinsonDay https://t.co/o6ols6Dzlr

@Prof_Suddler (Prof. Suddler) tweeted:

"We must keep these youngsters aware," Robinson wrote, "that no Negro has it made, regardless of his fame, position… https://t.co/zsXafc1FX9

@JSevilla_24 (Janet E. Sevilla) tweeted:

Today We Are All One☝

@CindyWeb94 (Cindy Webster) tweeted:

I love this day in baseball #JackieRobinsonDay https://t.co/ai6YSjh6NP

@LizHabib (Liz Habib) tweeted:

Had the pleasure of talking with Jackie Robinson’s daughter Sharon today at Dodger Stadium. #JackieRobinsonDay #42 https://t.co/GusdLlFNGV

@JRSPS15Q (JackieRobinson PS15Q) tweeted:

Our students and staff donned the number 42 to celebrate the day Jackie Robinson made his Major League Baseball deb… https://t.co/S1g084sr4G

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