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Trend time: Tue Apr 16, 2019
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@NBATV (NBA TV) tweeted:

"I know the Barclays Center is going to be jumping." @Dloading and the @BrooklynNets are ready to be back home to… https://t.co/UzZc5Jwl8d

@Farbod_E (Farbod Esnaashari ✪) tweeted:

The #Clippers may not have an All-Star, but the whole world knows who they are after tonight. #NBAPlayoffs

@RealMickFoley (Mick Foley) tweeted:

A comeback of EPIC proportions for the @LAClippers So many great match-ups in this #NBAPlayoffs Give this a RT… https://t.co/6wS53T4aPW

@Shea_Butter (Shea Mirzai) tweeted:

We better not give up Shai and Sham for AD. They're not only gonna be great they're on rookie scale deals. We alrea… https://t.co/sWApLows1H

@NBALatam (NBA Latam) tweeted:

@camisa_23 (Camisa 23) tweeted:

O Los Angeles Clippers acabou de protagonizar a maior virada da história dos playoffs da #NBA. Na casa dos atuais… https://t.co/U0mjGj8voD

@NBAdoPovo (NBA do Povo(Playoffs) tweeted:

O Los Angeles Clippers venceu o jogo depois de estar perdendo por 31 PONTOS para o Golden State Warriors. É A MAIO… https://t.co/DF1wzWtRru

@AS_NBA (AS NBA) tweeted:

#NBAPlayoffs El triple clave de Shamet para ganar a los Warriors https://t.co/Yv1AyVzugd

@FranJMerino (Fran Merino NBA) tweeted:

Si no vais a ver el partido. Disfrutad este resumen de la mayor remontada de la historia de #NBAPlayoffs entre Cl… https://t.co/c3RHErjP5l

@ClutchPage (Clutch Time) tweeted:


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