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@Kielsan (น้องกั้งเป็นหมอดมกาว) tweeted:

ไฟไหม้ #NotreDameCathedral ทำให้เรียนรู้ว่าเกิดมาอยากดูอะไรถ้ามีเงินมีเวลาก็รีบๆไปดู ไม่งั้นถึงแม้มันอยู่มาหลายพัน… https://t.co/rtZF0lHr3H

@EminVarol55 () tweeted:

Üstad @KadirMisiroglu Enteşşafi Ey şifa veren ALLAH c.c. Sen şifa ver Kadir Mısıroğlu üstadımıza Amin… https://t.co/G2j7tKgSKr

@netraKL (Marina Mahathir) tweeted:

When historic houses of worship are destroyed by fire on the very same day, we should all be sad. Both are places o… https://t.co/o99wTIYRZm

@ErihsEu (E-RIHS EU) tweeted:

@ERIHS_eu and the #HeritageScience community today mourn with our French friends and from tomorrow will stand for r… https://t.co/sWUSCv8YC9

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Non riesco a non pensare a Quasimodo mentre vede bruciare la sua casa e aspetta ancora di poter amare Esmeralda

@RIBA (RIBA) tweeted:

We stand ready to play whatever part we can in restoring #NotreDameCathedral, a medieval masterpiece which stood ta… https://t.co/nL9tKNcKU5

@LodiNJNews (EyeOnLodi) tweeted:

@LorinOnTV @Rocco_FNC I’ve never been there, my wife has, it was sad

@mainfrankenkath (Bistum Würzburg) tweeted:

Reaktion von Bischof Franz Jung auf den Brand der Pariser Kathedrale #NotreDame. #NotreDameFire… https://t.co/dCRe7gZvmF

@weezieparrish (#MyKidsAreDreamersTo) tweeted:

RT @LadyRedWave: Wow Is this real? Are my eyes seeing what I think they’re seeing? Too ALL the investigative journalists out there I’d love…

@MomeafmPLM (MOMEA FM Palembang) tweeted:

Kebakaran Katedral Notre-Dame di Paris membuat sebagian besar rakyat sedih. Sebab bangunan bersejarah itu dianggap… https://t.co/IuUul6WJVT

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