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Trend time: Tue Apr 16, 2019
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@ghostinfenty (zak) tweeted:


@scarleriana () tweeted:

a performance da bad idea ta simples mas perfeita, e a coreografia e os vocais impecáveis #Arichella https://t.co/IWCoYwXlIR

@VanityFair (VANITY FAIR) tweeted:

#Arichella was a burst of 90s nostalgia https://t.co/KfE96k5UgG

@stussyjoseph (joseph ) tweeted:

y’all we really have to stan diddy after what he said about ariana

@quisharose (quisha) tweeted:

Mase and diddy? Mo money? ICONIC wth #ARICHELLA

@thsevenrings (carlos) tweeted:

RT @remstara: ariana grande - 7 rings at coachella #ARICHELLA #ARiCHELLA https://t.co/oOXbLdIFqe

@niaamanie (nia) tweeted:

RT @remstara: ariana grande - god is a woman at coachella #ARICHELLA https://t.co/2iFgGkxx8C

@outrorianavit (c) tweeted:

RT @infoarianamidia: Com vocais absolutamente perfeitos, Ariana Grande cantou "breathin" ao lado de uma orquestra no #Arichella! #Coachella…

@JillianChrist () tweeted:

RT @UrbanNoize2: Despite the technical difficulties, Ari gave us NSYNC with Tearing up my heart and Mase & Puffy with Mo Money Mo Proble

@troylesivan (josh ) tweeted:

RT @FrankieJGrande: what a magical night! i am BEYOND PROUD of my little sister for her performance at #coachella! she sung her heart out!…

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