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Trend time: Tue Apr 16, 2019
Trend location: Egypt / Egypt
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@Brevesdepresse (Brèves de presse) tweeted:

@LachaudB (Bastien Lachaud) tweeted:

En octobre je posais déjà la question ! Aujourd'hui, on apprend qu'une note de la Direction du Renseignement Milita… https://t.co/UTxTExGFsu

@efoulon1 (Emmanuel Foulon) tweeted:

Un rapport confidentiel du ministère de la Défense confirme ce matin l’utilisation d’armes françaises dans les tuer… https://t.co/sCQ4M5OkX8

@ManonAubryFr (Manon Aubry) tweeted:

L'enquête @Disclose_ngo @InvestigationRF confirme que des armes françaises sont bien utilisées sur le champ de bata… https://t.co/KCSZrR9Kh6

@Mediapart (Mediapart) tweeted:

Une fuite inédite de documents classés «secret défense» révèle l’usage massif d’#ArmesFrançaises dans la guerre au… https://t.co/cORsWA8R9m

@UKUN_NewYork (UK at the UN ) tweeted:

"Women are not passive victims of this war. They have been leading efforts to bring peace to Yemen and hold commu… https://t.co/DA0dVwtc71

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

GRAPHIC US-Saudi terror against #Yemen children #YemenForgottenWar https://t.co/k2t5GXKqkB

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Children in #Yemen: Thousands of Victims and "Deliberate Errors" claimed by the US-Saudi Coalition… https://t.co/vCGmCw6UiB

@NewsFromAmnesty (News From Amnesty) tweeted:

Leaked documents showing how French weapons are being used in Yemen should prompt a halt to Saudi/UAE sales #Yemen… https://t.co/AONsrG56Bk

@al_seraji (عبد المغني السراجي) tweeted:

The US-Saudi coalition's airstrikes target everyone. Everyone in #Yemen is a target #YemenForgottenWar https://t.co/A4PykRT3Sh

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