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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

There is no room for hype in healthcare! Frédéric Rupprecht, VP of Health Economics & Market Access (HEMA) for… https://t.co/VbOnKg8SN0

@IrfanDhalla (Irfan Dhalla) tweeted:

Provocative poster about governance at #CADTHSymp. Not clear how the authors rated ⁦@CADTH_ACMTS⁩, and kudos to ⁦… https://t.co/Bb03lndxYY

@CancerStratCA (Partnership) tweeted:

Today at #CADTHsymp we're talking about the importance of understanding the economic burden of #cancer on patients,… https://t.co/XdYaeP3tjZ

@CCSNpoli (CCSNpoli) tweeted:

A photo-op with amazing patient advocates/advisors across Canada! #CADTHSymp #patientmeetandgreet @anetto https://t.co/QQ90MYCUPM

@ORourke_B (Brian O'Rourke) tweeted:

Hello from Edmonton. We are just about to kick off the @CADTH_ACMTS Symposium. Looking forward to welcoming all del… https://t.co/0B5CO7uoK5


"Having Dr. Marshall receive the Dr. Jill M. Sanders Award here in #YEG is a reminder of the great debt that CADTH… https://t.co/GtNSxMvOgC

@kidd_beth (Beth Kidd) tweeted:

Yesterday’s #CADTHsymp sessions led to fascinating discussions with patients, economists, payers and more about… https://t.co/xfVC55iQvZ

@TO_dpr (DRichards) tweeted:

Carole McMahon reflects on what she has seen @CADTH_ACMTS wrt patient input - how this has grown, become more sophi… https://t.co/nix8QtsYaV

@pat_health (Pat Rich) tweeted:

In future patients should have new roles such as in helping design clinical trials or in designing patient surveys: @MahonMail #CADTHsymp

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Our community is excited to host #CADTHSymp in #Edmonton for the @CADTH_ACMTS 30th anniversary. @Yeghealthcity is a… https://t.co/ChtHccywK0

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