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@NishanSharma29 (Nishan Sharma) tweeted:

#CCME19 the “single employee” of @cameacem does the work of many - thank you Mary! #ccme2019 https://t.co/laYOiXazFh

@javeedsukhera (Dr Javeed Sukhera) tweeted:

@Monika_Dutt This paper sums up the problems I had with the plenary: https://t.co/2Y6vx8CFxj #CCME2019 #CCME19

@Rachbcooper (Rachel Cooper) tweeted:

Very heartening as a patient to hear calls for humility and acknowledgment of MDs limitations on knowledge - gettin… https://t.co/dokVF8Vf3M

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

85% of women surgeons recall being exposed to gender biased discrimination, from men and women, MDs, nurses and pat… https://t.co/PucvVzgHyp

@KennedyErinK (Erin Kennedy) tweeted:

Workplace learning is situated in context. @ChrisWatling3 @drellaway @brettschrewe and Dr. Liz Molloy discussing th… https://t.co/nF7UDbgh0i

@cameacem (CAME-ACEM) tweeted:

Félicitations au membre de l’ACÉM, la Dre Diane Clavet, lauréate du Prix de l’AFMC (2019) pour contribution excepti… https://t.co/akYeJzSJVh

@AFMC_e (AFMC) tweeted:

Congratulations to Dr Sharon Straus on her AFMC - May Cohen Equity, Diversity and Gender Award! #CCME19 https://t.co/BXyjjQWyLF

@ARJalali (A. R. Jalali MD ) tweeted:

Always a pleasure to see other #MedEd enthusiasts @MedEdConference #ccme19 https://t.co/x0voPOMOMz

@medical_doodles (Michiko Maruyama) tweeted:

Stop by the Doctors Against Tragedies Fighting the Fentanyl Crisis (and other public health issues) through game pl… https://t.co/apyF6W1nvs

@daddyrv (Dr. Ricardo Viana) tweeted:

“Break the rules creatively” “The answer is always hiding in the obstacle “ “Transform an obstacle to an opportunit… https://t.co/UnZIx8gD5F

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