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@bsneuroendo (BSN) tweeted:

BSN member challenge: Describe the BSN in 3 words. Here's our President @GilesYeo 's answer. What would you say? Le… https://t.co/kzULCGo7kz

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Currently at #BNA2019: Using machine-learning to predict responses to cognitive training including some data from o… https://t.co/38KD5Gr3R1

@JohnnyFoxe (John J. Foxe) tweeted:

What makes a good paper? Marina Picciotto @MarinaP63 - Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Neuroscience certainly kno… https://t.co/Vn8GezwM0k

@DNNIrl (DNNI) tweeted:

Places still available for the Political Advocacy in Brain #Research workshop & meeting tomorrow (Wed) 1.40pm… https://t.co/T1SPLppJ82

@FENSorg (FENS) tweeted:

Sheena Josselyn @sjo09 has been confirmed as a FENS Forum 2020 speaker! Visit the FENS booth at #BNA2019 to find ou… https://t.co/DwlXosEXsF

@Dr_M_Bellingham (Dr Michelle Bellingh) tweeted:

Good morning from #BNA2019 Dublin ☘️. I seem to have picked up a bug

@FENSorg (FENS) tweeted:

Erin Schuman will be speaking at #FENS2020! Visit our booth at #BNA2019 to find out more about the programme and th… https://t.co/I23DxZ21Am

@ERUKresearch (Research @ ERUK) tweeted:

Nearly ready to begin our symposium at #BNA2019. Come here from our fantastic fellows in Liffey 1! #epilepsyresearch https://t.co/vO6yNtk9Mg

@FENSorg (FENS) tweeted:

Karl Deisseroth will be speaking at #FENS2020! Drop by the FENS booth at #BNA2019 to see the full list of confirmed… https://t.co/I3wYAdLreD

@esdalmaijer (Edwin Dalmaijer) tweeted:

Absolutely amazing talk by @HanganuOpatzLab at #BNA2019 this morning: Gamma oscillations from the hippocampus drive… https://t.co/VE0CIkdwEB

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