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@codesprinters (Code Sprinters) tweeted:

18.04. Rafał Łańcucki w webinarze podzieli się swoim doświadczeniem w zakresie tworzenia rozwiązań Continuous Integ… https://t.co/pQDEU1FtZR

@BMWGroup (BMW Group) tweeted:

#BMWDigitalDays At our Autonomous Driving Campus, we've adopted an #agile working environment and aligned our organ… https://t.co/mkJZV81KeB

@LeMagIT (LeMagIT) tweeted:

Infographie DevOps en France : Des salaires moins élevés que nos voisins Européens https://t.co/QhGkv3D4mI #devops… https://t.co/j9euElN1Zm

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Priveli smo kraju prvi dan #CSM treninga sa čuvenim Divanom Morisom. Nastavljamo sutra, družimo se i učimo u prijat… https://t.co/IfrZPCthDB

@KirkDBorne (Kirk Borne) tweeted:

Join me online tomorrow w/ @LentiqInc for the webinar "Insights Discovery at the Intersection of Multiple Data Sets… https://t.co/LIXR5ZxfLy

@TCagley (Thomas Cagley) tweeted:

Why is Work Entry Important In Agile - or do you like chaos? #Agile https://t.co/9WNRGVk3cd https://t.co/MclCZP2iza

@ADRHAonline (ADRHA) tweeted:

DESCUBRÍ EL IMPACTO DE AGILE EN HR El próximo martes 23/4 de 9 a 13hs te proponemos analizar el fenómeno de las me… https://t.co/e2ZWK00lWj

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@neil_killick (Neil Killick) tweeted:

"OK team, with the extremely limited power vested in me, I hereby declare you... Empowered!" #agile #scrum

@neil_killick (Neil Killick) tweeted:

@RonJeffries @allenholub I have found success in taking buzzwords (which carry baggage and confused interpretations… https://t.co/YaG0ovyE3x

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