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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Accra / Ghana
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@SageNextinfo (SageNext Infotech) tweeted:


@asvpbalmain (...) tweeted:

Xptdr chris brown et Drake a leurs debut c'etait des bledard Marocains #Dead http://t.co/cH5lHdD51m


Wayne: C'mon Now! We're Leavin! LETS GO! NOW! Drake: What Happened Dad? Nicki: WAIT! Where Is "Grandpa Stunna" ?! http://t.co/lRhT1l1dE8

@HipHop (Hip Hop) tweeted:

Young Drake http://t.co/ntSFM4fEtc

@BrianPuspos (Brian Puspos) tweeted:

O M G @drake

@IamTrevin (Vxbēs|) tweeted:

- When @Drake said this about Tyga http://t.co/mSy8D1sdoX

@alfieav (ALFIE AVEIRO) tweeted:

Drake: "calling my name out on the world stage, you need to act your own age and not your girl's age" @Tyga are you okay fam?

@The1TheyCall_E (i, e.) tweeted:

@landzygama (Brazen.) tweeted:

@ffffflorence (F.) tweeted:

If @Drake does that thing where he gets a chick from the crowd & she turns out ratch that's when I'm gonna be truly embarrassed to be a

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